We keep our time at a minimum without sacrificing progress or excellence, and encourage you to learn along the way,  participate in the process and keep your costs reasonable. We help you meet goals, enhance donor relationships, gain skills and deepen your professional approach to fundraising.

We provide a proposal with a reliable estimate for time and costs, based on hourly investment of our time.  You are billed only for time you use and we have no retainers or minimums.  

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, our fees are:

  • In Vermont, consulting at $1200-1400/day prorated by the hour, plus mileage.  Generally our fee is $175/hour for larger organizations and $150/hour for those with budgets under $1 million. Talk to us if you have extenuating circumstances!
  • In locations requiring extensive travel, consulting is $1500/day with a half day minimum plus travel and any related costs. 
  • Workshops, presentations and other group sessions are billed hourly with $300 minimum; the daily rate is charged for presentations of six hours or more.  Preparation time, including communications about agenda and goals, is billed at our hourly rate.
  • Mileage is billed at the current federal rate.
  • Travel time that exceeds meeting and work time, in any location, is billed at $25/hr. in addition to consulting and mileage cost.
  • One hour is added to your monthly bill for ongoing projects, to cover multiple brief miscellaneous communications including e-mail.

We charge for work in meetings (in person or by phone or other means), preparation, telephone contact, writing, research and other independent work conducted on behalf of a client, in quarter-hour segments. Routine office, phone and copying costs are not billed. You will pay any subcontractors directly.

While we are happy to work on an ‘as needed’ basis for short assignments, clients on contract have scheduling preference. All clients involved in an ongoing project are expected to keep us informed regarding progress and changes so we can offer the most appropriate advice and assistance; you are charged for ‘updating’ time.

Clients may cancel a contract without penalty within 15 days of signing and may discontinue a contract with two weeks notice. We are fully insured and registered in the states that require it.

While we try to do everything reasonable to advance the mission of our clients, we do not solicit contributions, conduct direct mail, provide prospect lists, maintain donor records or prospect lists, or share confidential client or donor information between organizations.  We serve as advisors, consultants, researchers, trainers, writers and planners but do not staff or manage campaigns. Our recommendations are informed by professional experience but do not include sharing data or information specific to any individuals or clients. 

It is important that our clients are happy with the services provided, that we trust each other, and that fundraising goals are achieved.  We look for open communication and will work with you to make certain your concerns and needs are met.