On Fundraising

"Without your leadership and skills we would never have begun the process that has turned out so successfully. Who would have thought just two years ago that we would actually meet our fundraising goal and surpass it! We have now set a new goal of $3 million and we're nearly there!"

On Consulting

"You really gave us 'food for thought' and a road map on how to move forward.  I see why so many of Vermont's nonprofit organizations turn to you for help!"

On Workshops

"This was terrific...I now know how to go back and move my top donors even higher.  Thank you for sound, clear and useful information!"
"The workshop was superb! You are not only knowledgeable, you're clear and to the point without sacrificing a sly sense of fun about it all. Amazingly useful, all of it. Thanks!"

On Counseling

"I can't thank you enough for your wise counsel and generous support in planning. You are truly the gold standard to which I aspire!"
"Thank you for all your guidance and helping us get to our ambitious campaign goal! You were a key part of our success, always available and you kept our morale up when we needed it!"
"Your advice was amazingly helpful. We took all your suggestions!"